Academics - School Hours

Academic Session and Vacation.

(a) Academic Session 15 Nov to 14 Dec
(b) Winter Vacation 15 Dec to 28 Feb
(c) Summer Vacation 05 days in first week of Jul
(d) Term Break 05 days after the final exam

School Timing. The school timing will be from 0800hr to 1320hr in summer and 0900hr to 1420hr in winter. Changes, if any, will be affected on the directions of the Patron. The school will function from Monday to Saturday expect on notified holidays. Each Friday will be observed half day. Working hours will be as given below:-

S No Summer Winter Period
(a) 0800hr-0820hr 0900hr-0920hr Assembly
(b) 0820hr-0900hr 0920hr-1000hr I
(c) 0900hr-0940hr 1000hr-1040hr II
(d) 0940hr-1020hr 1040hr-1120hr III
(e) 1020hr-1100hr 1020hr-1200hr IV
(f) 1100hr-1120hr 1200hr-1220hr Recess
(g) 1120hr-1200hr 1220hr-1300hr V
(h) 1200hr-1240hr 1300hr-1340hr VI
(j) 1240hr-1320hr 1340hr-1420hr VII